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Did you know that coloring a mandala is a meditative process and an act of creativity?

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over 70 mandalas to color, including Chakra mandalas

Mandalas are at their simplest "circles" but their beauty and purpose have made them popular in every culture and spiritual tradition. In Eastern and other religions, mandalas hold a place of importance in architecture and are often focal points in prominent buildings and churches.

Some see the mandala as a source of healing and as an effective way to clear blocks to peace and calm. And the fact that mandalas are round can help us experience a sense of wholeness. We see that in a mandala or "circle" there is a point from which radiates a source of energy and power. Reconnecting with this "source" allows us to reconnect to the center within all of us.

By playing with colors and shapes in an ordered framework we can move from our normal rational point of reference to enter an expanded state of awareness. By coloring a mandala, we shift from our outer preoccupations and concerns and take the time to connect to our inner feelings and desires.

Mandala Coloring is a means to self-expression and a powerful guide to what we are experiencing at any given time. We can take the time to color a mandala and figure out what it means for us through journaling or interpretation, and get an accurate picture of what is going on in our lives.

If we color mandalas regularly, we can see patterns emerging, or we can use them to share our feelings with others. Mandalas allow us the freedom of self-expression and help us to connect with and love the very center of ourselves.

As a symbol of balance, creativity, harmony and wholemess a mandala coloring book can be a powerful tool for insight, healing and spiritual awareness.

The Mandala Coloring Book features:
  • over 70 mandalas to color, including Chakra mandalas
  • Designs based on Nature that can lead to relaxation and meditation.
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Download your Mandala Coloring Book - PDF Format
for just $9.95
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The designs found in the Mandala Coloring Book are geometrical representations of the elements found in nature. They can:
  • Help connect us to the order and symmetry of the universe.
  • The spirals, crosses, cones and angles emit frequencies that resonate with the energies of the soul.
  • Use colors to reveal patterns to lead us to a connection with our inner center
  • Open our imaginations to see the intricate and dynamic forces that live within us.
    • Mandala Art
      Mandala drawings are a represetation of a life built on balance.

    • Interpreting Your Mandala
      While it is not necessary, interpreting a mandala can often provide insights and self-discovery.

    • Chakra Mandalas
      You can develop a deeper connection with your energy centers by coloring a chakra mandala

    • Mandala Coloring and Meditation
      In Mandala Coloring the focus is on the coloring and our inner dialogue is suspended.

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