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Shri Yantra Mandala

The Shri Yantra Mandala is a symbol found in Hinduism. The four gates on each side note that if we are coming from the material world, we have access to the center from all directions. The inside has round structures, indicating unity.

In the Shri Yantra Mandala, the lotus petals play an important role. They are a symbol of development and as they indicate the emergence from the lowest to the highest they are a powerful symbol of the chakras.

The Shri Yantra Mandala is a matrix of nine interlocking triangles. Four of these are upright and are said to represent the male principle. The other five inverted triangles represent the female principle of the universe.

The mandala is a shape that is often used in the design of many eastern temples.
The Shri Yantra Mandala and the Chakras
The influence of this mandala is evident if we see the emergence of the lotus blossom from the first to the sixth chakra.

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