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"I find that when I am really feeling anxious, I color a mandala and immediately I feel a strong sense of peace. Sometimes I color a full mandala, but at other times I merely color part of one and finish it later." Ann Marie

" I used the mandalas in my classroom with my students before an exam. This allows them to calm down and center before the exam begins. It reduces anxiety so students can perform better." Bridget

"I use my mandala coloring book as a journal. On the blank pages I write what I am feeling before coloring or ask a questions and after I have colored I jot down a few thoughts or even many times the answer to a question I need answered." May

"I had a feeling one day that I was coming down with the flu. To relax, I picked up my Mandala Coloring Book. After coloring for 15 minutes or so I noticed a big reduction in my symptoms. I felt more energy and not quite as "fluey" as before." Sandra
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