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Mandala Interpretation allows us to open avenues to Self-Discovery and Awareness

Mandala Interpretation is an interesting
way to look at a Mandala

The first step in interpreting your mandala is to determine a title for your mandala. You can write down your title and then study it to identify any feelings or insights that may be apparent. Just write down what comes to you, and don't spend a lot of time thinking about it.

Next, list the colors that you have used and after each color write an association to the color. There is no right or wrong to interpreting colors - you can write what the color is saying to you. Become aware of colors that you commonly use, and note any emotions or feelings.

As well note any shapes that you see and write those down along with the associations that pop into your mind. After you have written those, note any patterns, themes or energies that seem to emerge. Write a few sentences about what you are feeling.

The Mandala Coloring Book gives you a blank page for each mandala so you can write your interpretation for the mandala on the opposite page.

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