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Mandala Coloring allows us to open up Avenues to Self-Discovery and Awareness

Mandala Coloring is a simple way to connect to our source of power and strength

Coloring a predetermined shape is a practice that can bring us into contact with a framework that already exists. This can lead to a better understanding of established structures, and provide an opportunity to connect to a part of us that is unchanging and steady. The simple act of coloring a mandala can provide an outlet for stress and a means to be brought back into peace and harmony.

Just as photograph reminds us of our family members and our place in the family, the mandala is a picture of who we really are. It can help us remember ourselves, and despite outer turmoil and chaos, it is a source of quiet.

While the creation of a mandala allows us to express a picture of our inner world as it may exist in an ego sense, coloring a mandala reminds us of the cosmic forces that rule our lives. It is bringing us back to our beginning and centering us in the reality that is our existence.

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