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Mandala Color indicates Awareness and What is Important to You at any Moment

The choice and placement of colors in the mandala may give some indication of our conscious awareness and what may be important to you. After you have colored your mandala just see for a moment the dominant color and this may put you in touch with your emotions and what you may be expressing. Use the followoing analysis as merely suggestions, and always use your own intuition to gauge the real meaning of your mandala to your life.
    Red - Expression of anger and suffering; Fire of Energy and Emotion

    Black - Feelings of depression; Integration of Our Dark Shadows as part of who we are

    White - Spirituality, Healing and Enlightenment

    Indigo - Awakening of Spirtituality

    Green - Mother Nature, Creation and Healing

    Purple - Royalty, Serenity

    Turquoise - Indicates healing is necessary

    Orange - Warmth and Gladness
While colors may have traditional associations, it is far more valuable to be aware of what the mandala colors mean to you.

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