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Chakra Mandala Affirmations

Chakra Mandala Affirmationss can help to reinforce the balancing of the chakra centers.

Chakra Mandala Affirmations 1 The first or root chakra

Affirmation: I am safe. I trust in the natural flow of life.

Chakra 2 The second or sacral chakra

Affirmation: I am happy in my body and I express my sexuality freely.

Chakra 3 The third or solar chakra
Affirmation: I am good to myself. I am peace with all I see.

Chakra 4 The fourth or heart chakra
Affirmation: I think and act with unconditional love for myself and all others.

Chakra 5 The fifth or throat chakra
Affirmation: I freely express my truth.

Chakra 6 The sixth or third eye chakra
Affirmation: I freely create my own reality. I trust my inner vision.

The colors associated with the third eye chakra are indigo and gold.

Chakra 7 The seventh or crown chakra
Affirmation: I accept my spirituality. I am thankful for my life and who I am.

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